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Toner Refill Instructions

How to refill your toner cartridge.

Our toner refills kits are supplied with easy to follow, full colour, photographic refill instructions. The instructions will clearly show you how to refill your empty toner cartridge.

There are 4 different methods used to refill the various laser cartridges available. Find out which method yours uses below...

Method 1 - Unplug Empty and Refill

Printer manufacturers including Brother, Samsung, Konica Minolta and OKI have left the hopper cap on the outside of the toner cartridge.

To refill - simply remove the hopper cap, empty out the old toner and then pour in the new toner.

The video below shows the basic refill procedure required

Method 2 - Open, Empty and Refill

Other toner cartridges have a single screw or plastic cover standing between you and a filling hole or a removable toner cap. Removing the screws or plastic cover will reveal the filling hole and allow you to empty and refill. A lot of cartridges can be refilled using this same basic method although each cartridge model may have more than one screw to remove.

Method 3 - Melt and Pour

If your cartridge doesn’t have a removable hopper cap our "Melt & Pour" method is the best way to refill. Create a hole in your cartridge (in the correct place) and then refill the cartridge with toner.

Our melting tool (sold separately) is the easiest way of making a precise hole in your empty cartridge.Once you have created a hole, pour the toner in and seal with tape.

Method 4 - Twist, Empty and Refill

This method of refilling your laser cartridge is very simple. Printer manufacturers including OKI & DELL use a toner tube rather than the standard conventional toner cartridge. To refill you simply "Twist, Empty & Refill"

Photoconductor/OPC/ Drum Unit Reset

Printer manufacturers sell printers pre-programmed to run the "Photoconductor Unit" up to a certain number of prints. Once that count is reached the machine will "Lock Up" until you purchase a new Photoconductor (Drum) Unit.

If your machine was printing good copies when the "replace drum message" appeared you can use our reset chips/fuses to extend the life drum unit.

(Certain drum units also need the waste toner section to be emptied.Our instructions will show you how)

For more information visit our toner refill links below

Konica Minolta

Different printer Manufacturers use different cartridge designs so your cartridge might vary in exact detail from the examples above, but the principle will be the same. You may also need to change a chip or reset the cartridge - our instructions will show you how.

Zinetic is not associated with or endorsed by any of the cartridge / printer manufacturers referred to in any of our published works. Names of manufacturers, machines and part numbers are given as an aid to identification only. Names of manufacturers, machines and part numbers may be trade marks of the respective manufacturer. All Trade Marks hereby expressly acknowledged