Toner Refill FAQ

Toner Refill FAQs

Please find below answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Toner Refills.

How does a toner refill work ?

For some copiers, laser printers and fax machines refilling with toner is very simple. Remove the filler plug and pour in your new toner is all that is required.

Other cartridges have 1 or 2 screws to undo, before you can reach the filler plug. Some cartridges do not have a filler plug and you will need to melt your own hole in the cartridge using our tool. It takes a few minutes and thereafter the cartridge is easily refillable. The exact method of each filling each cartridge is detailed on the page relating to that particular cartridge.

How many times can I refill my cartridge ?

Typically, a new or remanufactured cartridge will last for 3 refills before you lose quality or internal components start to go. It depends on the type of cartridge. Cartridges which do not contain an imaging drum will often last for 5 or more refills.

The great thing about filling up with toner is that you don’t disturb the inner workings of the cartridge. If the cartridge was in working order when it ran out, then refilling your cartridge will certainly revive it.

When should I not refill my cartridge ?

Most cartridges can be refilled 3 times. However you should not refill a cartridge that is already showing print defects. A refill will not solve the defect.

Are all toners the same ?

No. Each toner kit we supply is specific to a particular engine/cartridge.

Will I get the same amount of prints ?

All our toner refill kits have been designed to deliver a color range and page yield that is comparable to the OEM product.

Will the quality be as good ?

We’re confident enough to do all the company’s printing on cartridges refilled using our own methods and products.

Do you provide photographic instructions ?

Yes, unless otherwise stated we will provide full easy to follow photographic instructions taking you through the toner refill step by step. You can see how to refill cartridges here.

Do I require any tools ?

Each refill method is slightly different. Please refer to the cartridge in question for a definitive answer to this question. Certain cartridges require only a flat blade and or a Phillips screw driver.

The exception to this rule is for cartridges that are refilled using the melt and pour method. You will also require our melting tool to create a hole.

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