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Samsung CLP 360 Toner Refill

Samsung CLP-360, CLP-365, CLX 3300, CLX-3305 Refill Instructions


  • Most cost effective solution available
  • Our firmware reset solution is permanent
  • No chip(s) to replace
  • Print until you decide the cartridge is empty not Samsung

Our video shows you how to refill the cartridge for the Samsung CLP-360 CLP-365, CLX 3300 & CLX-3305 series of printers. Cartridge codes CLT-K406S, CLT-C406S, CLT-M406S and CLT-Y406S.

Our permanent firmware reset removes the need to ever replace any chips. One reset is required per printer. The reset will save you money and allow you to print until you decide the cartridge is empty.

After installing the firmware reset - your printer will always assume the toner levels are 100% full.