OKI toner refill

How to refill your empty OKI toner cartridge:

Our toner refill kits give you this option. You can refill and reuse your empty OKI toner cartridge and save lots of money!. Simply remove the cap on your OKI toner cartridge and refill with our compatible toner powder.

Refilling your OKI toner cartridge is easy and you will be printing again in minutes. OKI is a one of the smaller printer distributors and it is range tend to be seen as "niche" printers - Zinetic are pleased to announce that we are experts in OKI toner refills.

We have developed refill products and instructions for every OKI laser printer in common use. We buy the printers, we refill the cartridges, we test them repeatedly - all before we sell a refill kit.

How do i refill my OKI toner cartridge?

To refill - simply remove the hopper cap, empty out the old toner and then pour in the new toner. The video below shows the basic refill procedure required

Gloss finish

All of our OKI toner refill kits have a superb gloss finish - just like the originals - we supply many print houses with OKI refills so you can be confident that the product will meet your print expectations.

OKI Refill Instructions

We supply detailed refill instructions for every OKI printer currently available. The instructions will tell you exactly how to refill your empty cartridge. Included in the instructions will be "reset instructions". Resetting your cartridge will remove the toner low / replace toner message.

OKI C110 OKI C130 OKI MC160

OKI C310, C330 ,MC351, MC361, C510/C530, MC561

C3100 / C3200 / C3200n / C5100 / C5100N / C5200 /C5200N / C5250 /dn /n / C5300 / C5400 /N / C5450 /dn /n / C5510 MFP / C5540 MFP

The video below shows the basic refill procedure required.

C3300 / C3300n / C3400 / C3400n / C3450 / C3450n / C3520 MFP / C3530 MFP / C3600 / C3600n / OKI MC350 / OKI MC360

C5600 / C5600dn / C5600n / C5650 / C5650dn / C5650n / C5700 / C5700dn / C5700n / C5750 / C5750dn / C5750n /C5800 / C5800dn / C5800n / C5850 / C5850dn / C5850n / C5900 / C5900cdtn / C5900dn / C5900dtn / C5900n / C5950 / C5950cdtn / C5950dn / C5950dtn / C5950n / C8600cdtn / C8600dn / C8600dtn / C8600n / C8800cdtn / C8800dn / C8800hn / C8800n

C9600 / C9600n / C9600dn / C9600hdn / C9600hdnt / C9650 / C9650n / C9650dn / C9650hdn / C9650hdnt / C9655 /C9800 / C9800hdn / C9800hdnt / C9850

Are you looking to refill the OKI ES Executive series?

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