OKI Pro9431 Imaging Drum Reset Chip

Reset your OKI Pro9431 Imaging drum. Reset chip and instructions provided. 45103719, 45103720, 45103721, 45103722

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  • Name: OKI pro9431 pro9541 Imaging Drum Reset Chip
  • Product technology: Drum Reset Chip
  • Installation method: Super Easy Peel and stick
  • Compatible with: OKI Pro9431;pro9541

OKI pro9431 imaging Drum Reset Chip Fitting Instructions

Black Image Drum 45103722 40,000 pages
Yellow Image Drum 45103719 40,000 pages
Magenta Image Drum 45103720 40,000 pages
Cyan Image Drum 45103721 40,000 pages

It takes approximately 1 minute to replace the reset chip and reset one OKI pro9431/pro9541 imaging drum

Re-using your imaging drum for another cycle will save you money and also help the environment by reducing a massive amount of plastic, packaging, precious oil and metal waste. It will also allow you to use up all the toner powder that is left in your drum unit.

The chip is installed on the outside of the drum unit so you do not need to disassemble the drum unit to install the chip. It is very easy! The chip works with both the starter drum(s) that are supplied free with the printer and also new drums bought from retail outlets. Detailed reset instructions are available both by email in the form of a pdf and online via the video installation instructions located on this page.


You are purchasing one brand new reset chip; we guarantee 100% compatibility with the printer models listed below. After the replace drum message has been cleared, the printer will display 99% drum life remaining and you will be able to continue printing.

The chip can only be used once to reset one drum unit.

Just attach the chip on to the drum when the printer is turned off, then you turn on the power, wait a few minutes for the printer to recalibrate and it's ready! Your drum will be reset.

The drum that you want to reset the counter for must be in good condition and provide good quality prints until it is blocked by the printer counter. If the drum unit had any print defects before the replace drum message appeared, the chip cannot fix print defects.

The drum reset chip does not reset the toner level!

If you have problems with print quality or error codes other than the "REPLACE IMAGING DRUM UNIT" message please contact us before purchasing this item.

All brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are used only for descriptive purposes.

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