OKI C911 C931 Imaging Drum Reset Chip

Reset your OKI C911 / C931 Imaging drum. Reset chip and instructions provided.

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  • Name: OKI C911dn, OKI C931, OKI C931dn, OKI C931dnw Imaging Drum Reset Chip
  • Product technology: Drum Reset Chip
  • Installation method: Remove old chip, replace new chip
  • Compatible with: OKI C911dn;OKI C931;OKI C931dn;OKI C931dnw
  • Reset OKI part number: 4510371, 45103714, 45103713, 45103715, 45103716

Your OKI C911dn, OKI C931, OKI C931dn, OKI C931dnw printer uses 4 image drums - one per colour Black Image Drum 45103716 , Yellow Image Drum 45103713 , Magenta Image Drum 45103714 and Cyan Image Drum 45103715

OKI has installed a built-in counter chip on each drum to make sure that you replace the drum at certain intervals to help maintain image quality. In most cases it is not necessary to replace the drum if the drum was working correctly before displaying """"Install [COLOR] New Image Drum"""" message. The drum will work again with a new chip installed which will reset the counter to 100% again.

Qualified for use in: OKI C911dn, OKI C931, OKI C931dn, OKI C931dnw, c941 printers.

OKI c911, c931, c941 Drum Chip Instructions:

You need to replace your old chip with the new chip. Replacing the chip will reset the counter back to zero and you can continue printing. The chip will not fix any print defects, or improve print quality, it simply resets the drum unit back to zero so you can continue printing. One chip will reset one drum. Chips are colour specific. Please watch the video below to see how easy it is.

Do not expose the image drum to direct sunlight or strong light (About 1,500 lux or more). Do not keep it for more than 5 minutes even under room lighting.

OKI C911dn, OKI C931, OKI C931dn, OKI C931dnw chip installation video