OKI Toner Cartridges, Imaging drums and Reset Chips

All laser printers made by Oki use plastic toner cartridges and imaging drums. OKI Toner cartridges are basically plastic casings in which the toner powder is contained. Oki produces printers for black and white printing and color printing. In the latter case, Oki printers typically use four toners that contain primary colors: black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. On our website you can find Oki original toners, toners compatible with Oki printers, and remanufactured consumables, made from used Oki toners. Both the compatible and the remanufactured toners for Oki are tested before they are offered for sale. In this way we can always supply consumables for Oki printers with perfect results and at low prices. OKI produced several types of printers to meet your every printing requirement: The OKI C printer series are simple colour printers, OKI B printer series are simple monochrome printers. OKI MB printers offer 3 in 1 functions in that they have the ability to print, copy, scan and sometimes fax. OKI MC have the ability to print, copy, scan and sometimes fax in colour. The ES series is short for the OKI Executive Series.
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