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OKI Toner Refill
Posted : Thu, Jun 3, 2010

OKI toner cartridges are among the easiest laser cartridges to refill.

OKI toner cartridges tend to be nothing more than a simple tube that holds toner – thus making them excellent for refilling. To refill an OKI cartridge it is often simply the case of removing the cap, emptying and then refilling.

The simple design of the cartridge means that they can be refilled many times without any print quality loss.

OKI Refill Instructions (cartridge type 1)

OKI Refill Instructions (cartridge type 1 + reset chip )

Some of the latest models also include reset chips which we are able to supply. Replacing the chip is very easy and we provide reset chips and full instructions with every refill kit we sell.

OKI is fighting back and has started glueing in the refill caps on some of its cartridges – the solution - simply make a refill hole in the cartridge using our tool.

OKI refill instructions - (cartridge type 2)

Models c3300/3400/3450/3530/3600/MKC350/MC360

OKI refill instructions - (cartridge type 3)

The very latest OKI printers have rectangular cartridge tubes and are pretty easy to refill and reset.

The OKI drum (photoconductor unit) sits underneath the toner tube and is changed independently – as and when required.

Models covered include:


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