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Drum reset chip for OKI C3xx, C5xx, MC3xx and MC5xx Series
Posted : Sun, Oct 2, 2016

Drum reset chip OKI C3xx, C5xx, MC3xx and MC5xx Series

Compatible with OKI C301, C310, C321, C330,C510, C511, C530, C531, MC332, MC342, MC351,MC352, MC360, MC362,MC561,MC562 Printers

Oki imaging drums are set to run for a set number of pages. When the page count is reached the printer will ask you to replace the imaging drum and stop you from printing.

This happens even if there is nothing wrong with your drum unit!

So what options do you have?

If you are happy with the the print quality, our reset chip for the Oki drum unit will reset the page count back to zero and you can continue to print.

No tools are required, you just stick the chip onto the drum and the imaging count will be reset back to 1 or zero. It will also remove the "Replace Imaging Drum" error message.

Each chip can reset one drum for one more cycle. The chip will not fix any print defect or quality issues.


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