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OKI C710 C711 drum reset chip now available
Posted : Wed, Jul 23, 2014

Reset your OKI C710/C711 Imaging Drum in 2 minutes

Oki Imaging Drums are set to run for a standard 20,000 pages. At this point the printer will ask you to replace imaging drum and stop you from printing.

Our stick on reset chip will reset your imaging drum to 100% and remove the "Replace Image Drum” Message.

After extensive testing we found the imaging drums will normally run up to 2 more cycles after the initial cycle before the print quality requires a new drum. To reset a drum unit you simply stick the chip onto the drum unit.

It takes less than 2 minutes to reset an imaging drum. There are no tools required. The clear instructions below demonstrate how easy this is to do and it's actually quicker and less messy than replacing a drum. This can be easily done in an office environment.

Compatible with the following manufacturer part nos: 43913808, 43913807, 43913806, 43913805


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