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OKI C9655 Toner Refill Kit and Reset Chip
Posted : Wed, Jun 20, 2012

OKI C9655 toner refill with chip

Zinetic are pleased to announce that we now have high yield toner refill kits for the OKI C9655 series printer toner cartridges.

Compatible with the following printers:

Our refill kit includes:

  • Compatible Toner
  • Cartridge Reset Chip
  • Refill Instructions
  • Pouring Spout

Page yield is 22,500 pages Black, 22,000 pages Cyan, Magenta, Yellow per refill - measured at 5% page coverage.

Refill part nos: cartridge no. 43837131,43837130,43837129, 43837132.

How easy is it refill the cartridge?

As you can see from the above video, the cartridge is very easy to empty and refill. The cartridge also contains a chip which should be replaced after refilling. The really great news is that there is no limit to the amount of times you can refill the cartridge. Anyone can refill the cartridge and the print quality is excellent.

What does the OKI C9655 cartridge chip do?

The oki c9655 chip will store information and when requested send the printer info on the cartridge part number, the page yield, and the geographic region. As the cartridge is used, the printer will send the chip information on the pages printed, page coverage and estimated toner remaining. This information is stored on the chip. The printer will use the information stored on the chip to determine if or when it should stop printing.

We include a chip with every refill kit. We also sell the chips on their own should you require them.

What about the imaging drum?

Each toner cartridge sits on top of an imaging drum. You do not have to change the drum at the same time as the toner cartridge. When the drum needs to be replaced you will get a message saying Replace image drum C, Y, M or K. The printer contains four image drums: cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

Can I reset the image drum? YES !!

We sell a drum reset chip that will reset the drum page count back to zero, so you can continue to use your existing drum unit. OKI C9655 drum reset

Video instructions

Any other money saving tips? YES !!

Your OKI C9655 printer prints the colour black in one of two ways: Composite Black or True Black. Simply changing this setting on your printer can save you money.

The cyan, magenta, yellow, and black toners are combined to create composite black. This will sometimes give a glossier finish, due to the increased amount of toner. It can also sometimes appear as a slightly brownish black. Using the composite black setting will use all four toner cartridges and drums to create black!

Only black toner is used to print true black. Use True Black when printing a combination of text and graphics. This will use only the black toner and drum unit and thus save you money !

Visit our OKI C9655 product page to purchase our money saving products


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