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In all walks of life, the push to be more environmentally friendly won’t have gone unnoticed – with the workplace being a major aspect of our daily lives, there is much we can do to cut back on material usage and waste. One of these areas is the consumables within the office, namely the paper and ink we use to print off all our important documents
As a well-used piece of office equipment, keeping on top of your laser printer maintenance is essential. Regular, everyday maintenance such as replacing toner cartridges tend to be simple enough to identify and fix, but when you’re noticing print issues and no warning lights are showing, you may need to replace the printer image drum. You can sometimes be fumbling around for hours before identifying the problem – and you may even consider replacing the whole printer itself - but with even just a basic understanding of what to look out for, you’ll be able to rule out ink and toner problems and determine when replacing the drum is necessary
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Cleaning the LED lens array can help to improve print quality. Gently wipe the surface of the LED head with soft tissue paper or cloth. This will work on the OKI C911, C931, ES9431, ES9451, PRO9431, PRO9431 and any related printer models.
Brother DR-243CL Drum Unit Reset -Wednesday, April 7, 2021
The Brother DR-243CL drum unit page yield / life is controlled by your printer. The printer controls the number of pages you can print using your drum by counting how many times the image drum rotates and then stopping the drum at the set limit. Your printer will shut the drum unit down when it reaches a max page yield of 18,000 pages (measured at only 5% text coverage). You will then have a “replace drum, or drum life end” warning message or series of error lights and you will be unable to print.
All of the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) will gladly take back and recycle your old empty toner cartridges and imaging drums. You can use the links below to find free post labels to send back your empty toner cartridges and imaging drums and waste bottles. Place the used cartridge in the bag and seal the bag with tape. Submit a Cartridge Return Label Request. The label(s) will be displayed on your screen.