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Refill instructions Samsung ml 1610 / ml1615 toner

The first step is to remove the two screws on the side of the cartridge. Then gently pull/pry the side off using your finger nails or possibly a small flat head screwdriver.

Once the side is removed, you can access the hopper cap. This comes out fairly easily with a little prying from a flat head screwdriver. Take it slow – it is a tight fit and may need patience.

Once the hopper cap is out, it is time to empty the old toner and refill with the new toner. Give the toner bottle a good shake to break up any clumps, then carefully open it and attach the toner pouring spout.

Insert the spout into the hole, and allow the toner flow into the cartridge. Use a gentle tapping on the outside of the toner bottle while holding the bottle inverted.

Do not squeeze the bottle, toner is very fine dust and will get everywhere if you squeeze it.

Reassembly is straight forward, reverse the steps.