Isys Apex 1290 Transfer Belt Reset Chip

  • Name: Isys Apex 1290 Transfer Belt Reset Chip
  • Product technology: Transfer Belt Reset Chip
  • Installation method: Super Easy Peel and stick
  • Compatible with: ISYS Label
£15.00 excl tax

Use our chip to reset your transfer belt in less than the time it takes count to 60!.

By resetting your transfer belt you will instantly save money and reduce your carbon footprint

The chip is super easy to install. Its installed on the outside of the transfer belt so you do not need to take the belt apart to install the chip. It is super easy! You do not need any tools to install the chip – just stick the chip to the belt in the correct location

The chip works with transfer belts that are supplied free with the printer (starter belt) and also replacement transfer belts that you buy when required.

Detailed instructions showing you where to attach he chip will be provided by email (pdf) and you can also watch the video instructions located on this web page.


You are purchasing one brand new transfer belt reset chip, we guarantee 100% compatibility with all the printer models that are listed below when the chip is attached correctly. When attached the chip will clear the replace transfer belt message and will reset the transfer belt life to 99% remaining – super easy!! . You will then be able to continue printing as if you had replaced the transfer belt.

Our chip is single use and will reset one transfer belt.

Each chip has double sided tape attached to it which will allow it to attach securely to your transfer belt. How it works - attach the chip onto your transfer belt in the correct location – do this when the printer is turned off, then turn the printer power back on. You will need to wait while printer to calibrates and then your transfer belt will be reset to 99% life remaining.

The transfer belt that you want to reset must have be in proper working condition before the warning message replace transfer belt was displayed. You cannot reset a faulty belt.

The transfer belt reset chip does not reset the imaging drums, fuser unit or any toner cartridge levels!

If you have problems with print quality or error codes other than the "Replace Transfer Belt, Belt Unit Near Life, Change Belt Unit" message please contact us before you purchase this item.

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Isys Apex 1290 Transfer Belt Reset Chip. Reset your transfer belt with our stick on reset chip.

This Isys Apex 1290 Transfer Belt Reset Chip is guaranteed to work in the following printers