Isys Apex 1290 Fuser Reset Cable

  • Name: Isys Apex 1290 Fuser Reset Cable
  • Product technology: Fuser Reset Cable
  • Installation method: Manual installation
  • Compatible with: ISYS Label
£15.00 excl tax

Isys Apex 1290 Fuser Reset Cable

Zinetic fuser reset cables will allow to reset your existing fuser unit for another cycle and save money. If your printer has told you to replace the fuser unit when its set page count has been reached, our reset cable will reset the fuser page life, allowing you to carry on using your fuser for another cycle. So, if you have a message saying ‘Fuser Unit Near Life, Change Fuser Unit, or Replace Fuser’ warning that appears on your printer, but the fuser is still working, you can save lots of money by installing our reset cable. All of our reset cables come with specific model instructions so the reset cable can be installed easily by the average end user.

How To Install A Fuser Reset Cable

Before installing the reset cable, always ensure that you switch off your printer first (turn it off using the on/off printer switch and unplug it from the power supply) then allow the printer to stand for 20-25 minutes to allow your fuser unit to cool down. After allowing the fuser unit to cool down, remove the fuser from the printer and install the reset cable as shown in the video below.

Reset your fuser unit with our reset cable. You can now clear the messages: Fuser Unit Near Life, Change Fuser Unit, Replace Fuser without buying a new fuser unit.

This Isys Apex 1290 Fuser Reset Cable is guaranteed to work in the following printers