Intec Toner Cartridges, Imaging drums, Reset Chips and Refill kits for Intec Printers

We offer for sale a wide range of compatible Intec toners, toner refill kits, reset chips and remanufactured printer toner cartridges. Our compatible and remanufactured toners for Intec printers are built and tested in the UK before they are sold online at We are able to supply compatible products that match Intec performance but at far lower prices.

Please browse our selection of compatible Intec toner cartridges and reset chipss if you have any queriess about our products or if you have questions about your Intec printer, our experienced team are waiting to support you. Call us on 0118 328 2005 or click on our ‘Contact Us’ page to send an e-mail.

How do I find my Intec laser printer on

1) Use the "search box" in the top right hand corner Type in Intec then choose the Intec series to which your printer belongs (i.e. Intec XP2020), and finally click search.

2) On the main Intec page we group the printers divided by printer model or series, this makes searching for your Intec printer both simple and fast. In the case of Intec printers they break down into the following groups: Intec APP, Intec CP, Intec DMP, Intec EPP, Intec HPP, Intec EDGE, Intec XP, Intec MMC, Intec PSF . Selecting the correct Intec series, you will then find all the Intec model numbers belonging to that group. To find out which series your Intec printer belongs to read the badge on the front of your Intec printer: this is where Intec generally writes the model number is. XP2020. Every Intec toner cartridge and the actual laserjet printer has a label summarizing all of its model data.

Once you have found your printers home page that's where you can browse all the Intec toner, Intec chips, Intec drums, Intec refill kits that we offer for sale. All Intec toner replacement products (Intec compatible toner, Intec refill kits, Intec toner chips, Intec drums are covered by a 12 month guarantee. For toner and other original Intec branded consumables, the guarantee is given directly by Intec.

Why should you buy genuine Intec toner, or Intec compatibles on

For 15 years we have selected the best consumables and toner for Intec printers and produce the Intec remanufactured toners and reset chips right here in the UK. We always carry out accurate yield testing, graphic and colour quality of the prints produced. Intec products and toners are always available and ready to be delivered within the UK in 24 hours if the next day delivery option is selected.