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hp toner refill
hp Toner Refill

How to refill HP printer cartridges

Our toner refill kits give you this option. You can refill and reuse your empty HP toner cartridge and save lots of money!. Simply make a hole in your empty HP toner cartridge and refill with our compatible toner powder.

Refilling your HP toner cartridge is easy and you will be printing again in minutes.

How do I refill my HP toner cartridge?

HP toner cartridge don’t have a removable hopper cap - so our "Melt & Pour" method is the best way to refill. Create a hole in your cartridge (in the correct place) and then refill the cartridge with toner.

Our melting tool is the easiest way of making a precise hole in your empty cartridge. Once you have created the hole, pour the toner in and seal with tape.

. The video below shows the basic refill procedure required

HP Refill Instructions

We supply detailed refill instructions for every HP printer currently available. The instructions will tell you exactly how to refill your empty cartridge.