Help protect the environment (and save money) with remanufactured OKI printer toner cartridges

Monday, October 25, 2021

If you’re looking for great deals on OKI printer toner cartridges, have you considered remanufactured cartridges? Instead of paying a premium for brand-new toner, you can instead pay a much lower price for one that has been repurposed – over time, the savings could amount to thousands of pounds a year. Not only that but preventing perfectly reusable cartridges from finding their way into landfill will be great for the environment too – keeping your business’s carbon footprint (and waste disposal bills!) as low as possible. Read on to learn more about this, as well as where you can get those great deals on remanufactured OKI printer cartridges.

How remanufactured OKI printer toner cartridges help the environment (and save you money).

There’s no doubt that you have made a great choice in purchasing a printer by OKI – as one of the oldest electronics manufacturers in the world (founded in 1881), they have always been one step ahead when it comes to innovation. In recent years, their printers have been designed to improve performance, increase efficiency, and significantly reduce the carbon footprint. Due to this, OKI printers (with their multifunction capabilities and LED technology) are some of the most highly-rated devices available – from home printers to business-class printers; all requiring differing types of OKI printer toner cartridges. All printer manufacturers will advise you to purchase one of their branded cartridges which (of course) will come at a premium. It isn’t only the cost that may be off-putting to some in purchasing these, but their availability may be constrained too. Remanufactured cartridges negate the need to buy completely new ink every time it needs to be changed – and the best thing is that they are freely available and are much less expensive to buy.

What are ‘remanufactured’ printer cartridges, exactly?

Remanufactured toners are essentially previously used cartridges that have been cleaned and refilled by professionals to produce a ‘new’ cartridge. No cheaper materials, no hit-or-miss products – literally the original cartridge as manufactured by OKI, but cleaned and refilled. As there is no production involved (beyond the maintenance and refilling), the cost to create them is minimal – a saving that is passed on to the customer. Then there’s the added environmental bonus – every reused printer cartridge is one that doesn’t find itself placed into landfill.

How do remanufactured OKI printer toner cartridges help the environment?

Most printer toner cartridges will be made from several different materials – metals, plastics, foam and paper (the toner itself is potentially toxic to the environment too). As it’s a struggle to separate these materials for recycling, they will be placed into landfill sites, which is obviously never the ideal situation. It will take several centuries for many of these materials to break down, so you can understand why there is a push to keep them from needlessly being broken into the ground.

But what about the quality? Will my prints be affected?

In short, no. The ink refills are selected to be as close to originals as possible – in fact, there is no discernible difference from the original ink to the ones used as part of the refilling process. As you’ll be using an original OKI printer cartridge, the quality standard will be upheld – the only difference is that you’ll be paying much less for it, as well as keeping it from the rubbish bin!

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