Compatible Brother DR-7000 Imaging Drum

  • Name:Compatible Brother DR-7000 Imaging Drum
  • Manufacturer:Zinetic
  • Replaces Manufacturer Part no: DR7000, DR-7000
  • Colour: Black Drum
  • Product technology: Image Drum
  • Product type: Compatible
  • How many pages: Page yield 20,000 pages measured @ 5% page coverage
£25.00 excl tax

Imaging Drum Units For Brother

Here at Zinetic, we offer a wide range of competitively priced imaging drum units for Brother laser printers. If you find that your print quality has started to decline, or your printer’s LCD screen has indicated that you need to replace your imaging unit, our compatible image drums can help you to get your printer up and running again as soon as possible.

Replacing a Brother Image Drum

As the part that transfers the toner to the paper, the image drum is a vital part of a laser printer – but when do you need to replace it and how often? Knowing when to replace the drum is as important as knowing when to replace the toner cartridge. The toner cartridge sits on top of the drum (which essentially looks like a plastic tray). To check, clean or remove the drum, you must remove the toner first – this is relatively straightforward; simply push down on the plastic lever (usually it will be coloured blue or green) and gently remove the toner cartridge to gain the access to the drum.

How will I know that/when my printer image drum needs replacing?

The duration of your image drum’s life depends on the printer – some drums can last for approximately 20,000 pages, others may hold out for double that. Firstly, you should always ensure to check your printer’s manual for the manufacturer’s estimate before you make any decisions either way about replacement.

The key to ensuring that your printing isn’t disrupted is keeping atop of its maintenance – be sure to look out for the following signs:

  • Blotches and black spots – a classic sign of a damaged printer drum. This is caused by the drum’s surface being dirty, scratched or damaged, preventing the toner from being transferred to the paper correctly. Dust can be wiped off with a dry, lint-free cloth, but if there is any damage to the surface (or the same problem persists), the drum should be replaced.
  • Blurred printouts/poor print quality – if you find that your printer is producing blurred pages or prints of generally poor quality, it can either mean that you need a new toner or your printer drum is damaged and in need of replacement. You can find out what the precise issue is by checking the toner cartridge – if the toner levels are low, simply replace the toner, however, if the levels are adequate then the drum is likely the problem.
  • Other signs of a bad printer drum include the printing of blank pages, grey pages and unusual sounds that come from the printer. The best way to identify any issues with your printer drum is by simply observing – remember to always check the drum for signs of damage and dirt and (if the latter) clean, and if the same issues continue, replace the drum.

Choose Zinetic For High-Quality, Low Cost Imaging Drums

If you find yourself in need of imaging drum units for your office, the team here at Zinetic can supply you with everything you need. Regardless of the make and model of your printer, we can locate the precise part(s) you need to ensure that you don’t suffer from any slowdown in productivity.

Why not take a look around our product range to learn more? If you have any questions about them or on anything printer-related in general, our dedicated team would be happy to help. Call us on 0118 328 2005 or click on our ‘Contact Us’ tab to send us an e-mail.

This Compatible Brother DR-7000 Imaging Drum is guaranteed to work in the following printers