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Brother HL 5350DN Drum Unit Reset Instructions
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Brother HL 5350DN Drum Unit Reset Instructions. Our instructions will show you how to reset your drum and use it for another cycle. FREE OF CHARGE !

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Brother HL 5350DN Drum Unit Reset Instructions

Reset procedure for the Brother DR3200 drum unit. This procedure will reset the drum counter back to zero and allow you to keep using your drum unit long after the Change Drum message appears. It will not fix any quality issues it will simply allow you to keep printing beyond the set life of the drum unit.

Free instructions below


1.Remove the drum unit and toner cartridge. Wait 1 or 2  minutes.
2.Replace the drum unit and toner cartridge into printer.
3.The Drum LED continues to blink if the drum counter was not reset when you replaced the drum. We need to reset this now!
4.Open the front cover of the printer
5.Press and hold down Go button for about 4 seconds until all the LEDs light up.
6.Once all 4 LEDs are lit, release the Go button
7.Close the front cover.
8.Your drum is now reset.

Will I ever have to buy a drum?

The answer to this question is YES. Our reset information above will allow you to extend the life of your drum unit considerably, but you will need to replace the drum unit when it can no longer produce a quality printed page.

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