My Oki laser printer displays the message “Toner Empty”. I do not have a spare cartridge and I am desperate to print a document.
Today we will let you in on a simple trick for owners of most Oki laser printers. The trick below will allow you to print a few more pages when the dreaded warning message “Toner [COLOUR] empty appears. Replace it with a new toner cartridge” appears.
When you use an original or compatible Brother BROTHER TN325K, TN325M, TN325C, TN325Y cartridge, the message "REPLACE TONER" will eventually appear on your screen. This message is displayed when the printer decides that your cartridge is empty. Did you know that your cartridge is not actually EMPTY ?? It still contains toner.
OEMs use firmware, along with the chip and cartridge, to utilize full printer functionality. Firmware can be used to add features, improve function and fix problems. In some instances, a firmware update can “lock out”, or disable, an aftermarket cartridge.
Brother TN-2410 TN-2420 Toner Cartridge Refill
Brother has changed tactics with the latest series of printers to hit the market adding both reset gears and reset chips to it's new consumable range - so let us discuss whether its worth refilling the Brother TN-2410 & TN-2420 toner cartridge or simply replacing them with a comptaible cartridge.
BROTHER TN-2320 AND TN-2310 cartridges - ignore "replace toner message"
When you use an original or a compatible Brother TN-2320 or Brother TN-2310 toner cartridge sooner or later you will get a "REPLACE TONER" message that will appear on your printer or pc - normally at a time when you need to print !
Xerox Toner Refill
Have you ever thought about refilling your empty Xerox toner cartridge? Our toner refill kits give you this option. You can refill and reuse your empty toner cartridge and save lots of money!.
Xante Toner Refill Instructions
All of our Xante toner refill kits have a superb gloss finish - just like the originals - we supply many print houses with Xante refills so you can be confident that the product will meet your print expectations
Oki C911dn , Oki C931 , Oki C931dn, Oki C931dnw toner refill kit with chip
Zinetic are pleased to announce that we are first to market with toner refill kits for the OKI C911 series of toner cartridges. Owners of any of the listed printers will soon learn that there are 11 seperate consumable parts that will need to replaced inside the printer at various set intervals during the printers life.
Toner Refill FAQ
How does a toner refill work ? For some copiers, laser printers and fax machines refilling with toner is very simple. Remove the filler plug and pour in your new toner is all that is required.
Replacing OKI toner cartridges - turn the printer off first !
During normal printer operations the well of the image drum will fill with toner from the associated colour toner cartridge.