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Konica Minolta Magicolor 1600w 1650en, 1680mf 1690mf Toner Life End / Change toner message
Posted : Mon, Jul 2, 2012

Did you know that you can override the reset chip on the Konica Minolta Magicolor 1600w 1650en, 1680mf 1690mf Toner Cartridge and use up all of the toner?

The Remote Panel Utility shows information about the current status of the printer and allows you to specify various settings such as when the toner should be changed

First you must open the Remote Panel Utility on your computer

Follow the procedure described below to start up the Remote Panel Utility.

  • Double-click the file Remote_Panel.exe, which is either on the desktop or a location you designated on your computer.
    (The Remote_Panel.exe is saved at the location specified when the Remote Panel Utility was installed.)
  • The Remote Panel Utility icon appears in the Windows notification area (right end of the taskbar).
  • Double-click the Remote Panel Utility icon that appears in the notification area.

Settings to override the chip;

If MACHINE SETTING/TONER OUT STOP in the UTILITY menu is set to ON, the message TONER OUT/CHANGE X TONER (where “X” indicates the color of the toner) appears when the toner cartridge is nearly empty. Follow the steps below to replace the toner cartridge.

If MACHINE SETTING/TONER OUT STOP in the UTILITY menu is set to OFF, printing can continue even after the message “Toner Out X” has appeared; however, the printing quality cannot be guaranteed.

If printing is continued and the toner becomes empty, the message “TONER LIFE END/CHANGE X TONER” appears and printing stops.

Apply—Click to send the settings specified for “Toner Low Message”, Toner Out Stop and “Auto Continue” to the printer.

Description of the settings

Toner Low Message—Specifies whether a printer indicator blinks or a warning message appears in the status display box of the Remote Panel Utility when toner is about to run out. If Off is selected, neither of these notifications appear when the toner is about to run out.

Toner Out Stop—Specifies whether or not printing stops when the toner becomes empty. If Off is selected, printing can continue even if toner has run out. However, the printing results are not guaranteed. If printing is continued, the Error indicator (orange) lights up and printing stops.

For details on the setting, refer to “MACHINE SETTING Menu” on page 2-14 of your user manual.


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